The iPhone is something I’ve wanted for a long time. I remember watching the keynote when Steve Jobs announced it. Then I thought, hmmm I’ll get that someday. At the time, you couldn’t even get one in North Dakota for a long time (actually until 2010) I think.

Fast forward to this past year or so….

I’m not going to go into all details why I don’t have one, but let’s just say pop (yes pop, you know that sticky beverage) and phones don’t mix. I didn’t spill pop on my phone but someone else did on their phone. So me, being Mr. Nice Guy offered up his upgrade so someone else could get a new phone, hence screwing me out of the chance for an iPhone.

Then I’ve had a chance to get one this summer and I didn’t realize it, arrrghh…

Ok, fast forward to today, I have a count down on my phone that says how many days until I can upgrade to one. I think I will but I keep getting tempted by that darn Android and I actually like it. I even like the crappy one I’m using now, the Droid 2. I don’t like that on occasion (meaning every damn day) it restarts on it’s own and sometimes (meaning all the time) I can’t make a phone call when I want to make one (my phone decides it will do that task later).

I’m thinking about the Samsung Galaxy S III it’s bigger than the iPhone and kinda similar. From what I’ve read it doesn’t act like my current POS phone (pos = piece of shit) and doesn’t restart randomly. Plus I’ve spent a shit ton of money on the google app store (yes, I didn’t call the Google Play store because that’s just a dumb name for the Google app store). I also have spent a few bucks on the Apple App store, because I do own a few iPod touch devices and use an iPad for work. I also like that I can swap out the battery of an Android phone. I like being able to use widgets. As far as apps there really aren’t many apps that aren’t available on each platform, besides some games.

Then, there’s the fact I met Andy iHnatko – Mr. Apple in my opinion, so I figured, it’s time for me, Apple Fan boy (pretty much) to get the damn iPhone. I should have written a blog post about that, but who really cares besides me.

I think that’s what I’ll do.

I’ll update later when I get my next phone.

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