Kids, they keep you busy

Yes, so busy I almost forgot I have a blog.

I don’t think many people spend time updating their personal blogs anymore. People are now more focused on Facebook, Twitter or the newest social network of the day. I even used Pinterest for a few seconds. Then I realized I had testicles and quit. Okay, that might be a tad sexist, but come on, you must admit it’s mostly geared towards women. Thank goodness there’s reddit for men, (yes, I know women use it too).

Anyway, this summer I became a dad again, well that sounds silly, it’s not like I stopped being a dad of my daughter, but I became the father of a boy now too. Noah was born in July and I haven’t slept an entire night since then. That’s not true, but there were a few sleepless nights.

Noah’s a good kid, he’s only a few months old but he’s a happy healthy boy. I don’t want to share too much about him but I just wanted to write about him. I know I wrote about my daughter and have shared that online.

Most likely, maybe one or ¬†two people will read this, and I’m not even talking about my wife. (She doesn’t look at anything I do online). So, hi peeps.

Anyway, not sure what else there is to say. Oh yeah, what makes me so busy. Well, kids…when they get older become involved in a lot of stuff. So I’ve been busy coaching soccer (I don’t know shit about soccer) and I’ve done if for about two years now. This past season I volunteered again (against my wife and daughter’s request) and was thankfully able to get someone else to finish out the season as coach. My daughter is also involved in Taekwondo. I thought about taking classes but then realized I didn’t need more people telling how to do things in my life. Tonight, I get to go to a “Turkey Bingo” oh the thrill (not).

Maybe I’ll write another blog post, hopefully before Noah is in kindergarten.


Kids, they keep you busy
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