Why I liked Pixels and why that’s ok

I saw the movie Pixels and liked it.┬áThis is something many people don’t say.┬áPeople I’ve told this to say things like “turn in your geek card” and other stupid things.

It’s just a movie people, and I liked it and that’s perfectly ok. Since the movie has been released it has made millions of dollars, so I know I’m not the only person who shares my point of view about this movie.

Many of Adam Sandler’s movies don’t get much love from critics. There are many reasons for this.

I saw the movie with my family and they also enjoyed it, my daughter even asked me if I was going to buy the movie when it was released for sale. I might.

I am a fan of Adam Sandler movies and yes there are a few that aren’t my favorite but that’s ok.

My wife pointed out Adam Sandler hires many of his buddies to be in his movies and that’s what she likes about him. I’d do the same thing, if I were a rich actor and could be as fortunate as him.

I don’t need to get into too much detail about why people dislike this movie, you can find plenty of that online. I’m also not going to go into detail about what I like about the movie, I’m simply stating that I like this movie and many others which people don’t like. You may say I have a bad taste in movies, that’s fine. Really, what does that mean that “I have bad taste,” really it means that I don’t share the same point of view as others. Big deal, actually, it’s not a big deal.

Movies are just entertainment, it’s meant to be enjoyed. If you don’t enjoy something, don’t. That’s how simple it is, really.

Pixels had a great cast of actors, including Josh Gad, that little guy from Game of Thrones, aka Peter Dinklage and many others. That’s not why I liked it. For me, it reminded me about going to the arcade as a kid. It was a nostalgia trip and I’m sure that’s part of what Sandler wants people to experience.

There is a short video that this movie is based upon and I’ll include a link to that. There’s also a Futurama episode that shares the same plot as this movie.

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