Windows 8 – still uncooked

I’m testing out Windows 8 at work. So far I’m not really liking it.

**Note: I’ll be updating this as I use it more.**

I used the Beta and it was buggy and I couldn’t get it to connect to Wifi at work (we have a system in place for logging into the network).

When I first used the beta, I thought it was different, and it might possibly be something people might like, a new approach. I didn’t like the “Metro” interface, which is now called something different, but since I’m not Microsoft I’m going to call it “Crappy Block UI” or just CB UI, I don’t care that it’s called “Modern UI” it’s not, it’s more like Fisher Price UI.

I am now using the full version of Windows 8.

So, I don’t like CB UI, most of the time, when I’m trying to figure out how to do something I’m right-clicking and looking for menus, but ah ha, they are hidden and you have to go to special corners of the screen or the side to find it. Windows calls this some stupid name too, now what is that… oh yeah, it’s called “Charms” to be punny, there is nothing “charming” about this. According to Ars Technica this is really important. I find it really annoying to activate most of the time. It’s basically to use the settings for each app you are using at the time.

The main difference between Windows 7 and Windows 8 is the SB UI and the missing Start Menu, which can be replaced by third party software (be careful which one you use, some install other crap you don’t want, such as forcing you to use a different search engine). There are free versions like Classic Shell and one for $5 from Stardock but I never had to pay anything to modify any other version of Windows before so I’m not going to now, I’m made modifications in the past to Windows but from my experience, it’s best to use it as it was designed. In this case it’s best just simply not to use it at all and stick with Windows 7.

There will be a new version of Windows coming out called Windows Blue which adds a Start Button but not the Start Menu, again a mistake.

CNET has a nice review of Windows 8. I’m not that nice, I think it sucks and Microsoft should have never released this crap. The end.



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