Mailbox app review

Update** – I’ve reinstalled it and I’m giving the app a chance until they send out an update for it. Also, since I’ve installed it and messed with so many of my e-mails using the app, there are so many sorted in folders under the “Mailbox” labels.

I was all excited when I heard about this new “app” for iOS that would “revolutionize” your mailbox and how you use e-mail. That was all wrong.

I signed up for the app several months ago, or at least it seemed like that long ago. Then I waited and waited and finally got an e-mail and a text message that I would be able to download the app soon. Then I heard about it on tech video shows online and how wonderful it was to use.

I then was able to download the app, only to have to wait to use it. I was one of the first 10,899 people apparently to sign up or at least that is what it said. Within a few days I was able to use the app. At first it took me awhile to figure out how to use it. I kind of liked it and the able to look at e-mail messages at a specific time later when the app decided to show them to me based on what I selected.

I went through tons and tons of e-mail and then finally quit after a few thousand messages. I then also started to notice the app was loading slowing. I thought it was because so many people were using it at first. Now, I’ve just completely forgotten about it.

The unexpected consequence of using this app, now I have all these folders that I created as a result of using this app. It’s not a big deal since gmail has a great search feature and I could move these messages around but it’s annoying that it happened.

Today, I finally uninstalled the app and revoked account access which is something many people will probably forget to do or even know what that means. If you don’t know what that means, google it and learn something. You’ve probably given access to so many websites you will be surprised. You really need to manage that and not just ignore it.

If hear about an update for the Mailbox app in the future, I might give it a try but I don’t have my hopes up about it.

I’d like to hear from other people who have used it. On twitter people said the same thing and one person said it was an oddly named countdown app.


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