What to do, when it’s so cold

Recently, it’s been so cold it’s almost unbearable to go outside.

Where I work, I’m lucky, I can pretty much park in a parking ramp and then walk indoors, underground to my office, minimizing the exposure to the frigid outdoor temperatures. I admit, when it comes to anything below “the donut” (below 0 degrees fahrenheit) as some weathermen on tv might say, I’m a wimp and I try to avoid the cold at all costs.

You may say, I’m from __(fill in the blank)____ a, cold tundra climate, I can withstand this. Ok tough guy/gal try that without your North Face, uber puffy winter gear and wool hat and Gortex mittens. Sure when it’s 30 degrees fahrenheit we wear shorts in this part of country, but when it’s so cold that when you spit it, your saliva ices over before it hits the ground, it’s too cold.

So, what can you do to entertain yourself, or just simply keep yourself from going insane during these cold, cold, days?

Watch TV, simple right? There are so many options available now, satellite tv, cable tv or if you’re one of the “cord cutters” or even if not, there is Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, and if you have a gaming console like a PS3 or Xbox or even a Wii, there are other options. There are also devices you can connect to your tv like a Roku or Boxee device or an Apple tv.

Maybe you’re not a couch potato and would like something a little less high-tech, how about board games? They’re a classic source of entertainment and there’s a ton of them to choose from. It’s fun for the whole family, unless you live by yourself, I guess you could play solitaire (a game which I hate and don’t understand, I’ll get into this in another post). Perhaps, you’re an artist, remember that white guy with an Afro, who painted happy little trees? Bob Ross, RIP Bob.  Or just write your thoughts down in a journal. For example, day one, journal entry: Dear diary, I’ve decided to start writing a journal, today it’s -32 degrees outside with a windchill factor of -110. I’ve started knitting a scarf for my cat fluffy. Day two, It’s so fucking cold outside, my damn car won’t start. Day three, the car started today, and I left it running, but I forgot to shut it off, so now it’s out of gas. Day four, you get the idea.

Are you a hoarder? I mean, do you like scrapbooking, that’s something you do as well. There are also methods of doing this without having tons of scraps of paper cuttings and stacks of newspapers, books and boxes of photos scattered around your house. You can use a computer to do this now and do it online with sites like Shutterfly.com or other sites.

Maybe you’re lucky and you have a fireplace, you can snuggle up with a good book and a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Again, you can do this high tech or old school, so dead tree version or grab your Kindle or iPad and get reading.

There’s also a few things you can do to occupy yourself if you have a significant other, or even by yourself, if you know what I mean (if by yourself you might need some aids, such as….) okay,  you get the idea.

These are just a few ideas to occupy your time. I know there are other things you can do, including starting your own blog where you can write crap like this!




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