iPhoneally meaning I finally join the ranks of other Apple nerds

I recently got an iPhone.

I love it.

Right out of the box I was thrilled. Well actually, the sales clerk was another story, let’s just say he was a typical sales guy. He tried to sell me a warranty and was telling me that I would get a replacement battery each year, I was like “huh, so iPhones have replaceable batteries, really?” He proceded to drop my phone I was purchasing to show me, then he discovered while fiddling with it like a monkey that you couldn’t open it, I was just amused and told him, no you can’t replace the battery and I don’t want his warranty. I finished with this moron and got my phone and left.

The first thing I did was login using iCloud, downloaded some Pearl Jam and cranked it up.

Eventually, I remembered I had Siri so, I thought I’d better set it up.

When I asked Siri to call me by a nickname, it said, but Dennis, I already call you that. That made me so happy. I already have set up Siri on another idevice, um an iPad, and didn’t realize she was so smart. Actually, she’s not, and I hardly use her but I’m still glad to have her available if I feel like being entertained.

I will miss some things about Android, but I won’t miss not being able to make a phone call when I want. I assume that I won’t have that problem anymore. If I do, then this might be my only iPhone and I go back to a fricking flip phone, (this will not happen). I’m sure with a newer Android device I might have been just as happy but I’m an Apple guy I needed this thing. I can’t believe it took this long before I was able get my hands on one.

Well that’s all for now.

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