I will miss Steve Jobs…

Thank you Steve Jobs for giving the world many things.

I’m writing this blog post on an iMac.

You’ve made millions of people happy with the products that you’ve created including me.

My first computer that I owned was an Apple Performa 400. The interesting thing about that computer, it was made while Steve Jobs was not part of Apple. At the time I just thought it was the best computer ever.

Today, I actually don’t own an Apple computer – gasp, yes, technically this is true, but I’m fortunate to use one or two everyday thanks to my work, that’s why I don’t own any myself. I will be buying one in the future I’m sure. I have always had an Apple computer as my main computer ever since that first computer. I do however own many ipods. I will soon also own the iPhone 4s, I need to wait until my phone contract allows me to buy it at a reasonable price.

The last time I was this sad about a person who has died, that I’ve never actually met was when Kurt Cobain died. I think I’m actually more upset about Steve Jobs. When Cobain died, I was just this rebellious teenager and thought the world of Cobain. Little did I know that the person who really affected my life more deeply was Steve Jobs.

I could add more to this but I’ll just say this.

Think  Different.

I did.

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