Stay glued to your seats

Today, my daughter and her classmates found themselves in a sticky situation.

While their teacher was busy, the school secretary took over the class, she said the students need to “stay glued to their seats,” while they waited for the teacher to return. What did that mean to a group of kindergarten students? Apparently, they took this literally and took out their glue and glued themselves to their seats.

They did such a good job, my daughter had to change her clothes and borrow a pair of pants from the school’s reserve of extra clothes.

When my wife told me what my daughter did when they greeted me after school today, I couldn’t believe it, I thought they were kidding. I thought it was the most hilarious thing I’ve heard in a long time. Of course, I needed to restrain myself and inform my daughter why we need to think a little more before we do things. I couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. I would have given anything to have been there while they were doing this.

I’m definitely going to be more careful in what I tell my little smart Kindergartner. Who know what she would do depending on what I might say.

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