The older I get the more I’ve become a wuss

Yep, it’s true. The older I get, the more emotional I’ve become.

Ok according to the dictionary wuss means: a weak or ineffectual person.

Maybe being more emotional isn’t a sign of weakness, but that can be left up to debate.

When did this all happen, I’m not sure really, I can just tell you when it happens. It happens a lot lately.

I recall becoming emotional at a Pearl Jam concert in 2014. I was practically bawling, with tears of joy streaming down my eyes. Pearl Jam is my favorite band and I was once again seeing them live, and they played all of my favorite songs.

At my daughters fifth grade graduation, my wife noticed I was also a little teary eyed.

The other day listening to a song on the radio, I became filled with tears. The song, Space Oddity by David Bowie. This past year, David Bowie died, I didn’t ever really consider myself a fan but just hearing that song it got to me.

Most recently at a Weird Al concert with my daughter, if she paid attention she also would have noticed that my eyes were filled with tears.

What does this all mean? Maybe I have an eye infection or severe allergies. Or simply as I get older I become overjoyed or in some cases saddened by the simplest things. Am I clinically depressed, possibly, but overall I’m a happy person.

I don’t even really want to share this, but I know I can, since literally no one reads my blog.

So, what will bring me to tears next time? A video of a cat licking it’s tail? Who knows.

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