Award shows and why I hate them

I’m sure I’m not alone on this one. To some of you, I may sound like a cranky old geezer, well, I am not that old but when it comes to award shows I’m cranky.

This is my top ten reasons why award shows aren’t for me:

10. Their too darn long. Last night the Academy Awards aka Oscars started at 7 p.m. Central time zone, and finished about 11 p.m. Delaying the local news by an hour.

9. Rich snooty people getting all excited. Need I say more?

8. All the hype and buzz (not google buzz or maybe, I’m not sure I didn’t pay any attention to it, if there was any) about the award show for the month, week, days, hours leading up to the stupid award show and the following week after the award show. If I didn’t like my big screen tv so much, I’d shoot it with a 12 gauge shotgun, next time I see Entertainment Tonight on tv talking about what happened at the big award show.

7. Now, this is a recent addition, Twitter getting bogged down with all this crap. Facebook too, but I don’t use facebook as much as I do Twitter.

6. Awards given to movies I’ve never heard of, never going to see, etc. For example, the Hurt Locker, sure it might be a good movie, but I had no interest in seeing it. Since I didn’t watch the awards I’m sure there were a ton of other movies I could really not give a shit about.

5. Lame attempts at humor on the award show, aka Ben Stiller. I like Ben Stiller but I saw a photo of him dressed like an Avatar native. – Dumb! Predictable, and hardly funny.

4. Grumble, grumble, grumble.. Award shows suck, as if anyone is actually reading this.

3. Did I say Rich snooty people getting excited? – Oh, yeah well that still chaps my hide.

2. These award shows replace regularly scheduled broadcasts of shows I watch, and in addition none of the other networks put anything else but repeats on.

1. These shows are on every year!

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