I’ve been blogging for years, yes actually 10 years to be exact. Yes, really, okay why haven’t you heard of me then, why am I not making big bucks from my blog? Ok, these are questions I ask myself. Actually, seriously in 2000 I did create a blogger.com account. I was working at a local newspaper at the time and I didn’t understand blogs, really no one did at the time. It was all new jargon that was being thrown around. Since then, I have continued to blog using my blogger.com or blogspot.com or now google account. I have also tried wordpress.com and others. This is my first self hosted blog, and I’m proud of myself. Ok, I’ll admit I’ve set up quite a few of these for other people, but really never took the time to do one for myself. Partly, it was a cost issue. I did not want to pay for hosting when really, only a few people read my blog the way it was. For me though, this is not about how many people read my blog but just being able to do this myself and tinker with technology. Sure blogspot is free and easy but it’s also limited. You can do so much customization on your own self hosted blog it’s amazing.  So I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

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