Smart watches not just a fashion fad

IMG_2961I’m the owner of a Pebble watch, the original version and I love it.

At first I thought I would never wear a watch again after not wearing one for almost a decade.

There are several reasons why I thought I didn’t need one.

  1. I already have everything a watch can supply on my phone aka the ability to tell time.
  2. Wearing a watch was just something that bothered my wrist.
  3. And many other silly reasons, including I’ll just spend time looking at my wrist.

I would love to own an Apple watch but it’s far too expensive for my tastes. The Pebble watch does everything I would expect the Apple watch to do for me.

The Pebble watch provides me alerts when I get texts, e-mail and even headline updates.

I now spend way less time staring at my phone, when I can simply glance down at my wrist and see a text or e-mail or headline. For example I learned today that the author of To Kill a Mockingbird died today simply by looking at my wrist for a few seconds.

There are many reasons why I love my Pebble watch. I can have a different look to the watchface anytime I want. Currently I love the Star Trek style watch face. It provides the time, date, day of the week, battery status and outside temperature. You can also create customized watchfaces with images.

I can now even quickly set a timer on my wrist to remind myself to let my dogs inside the house after a period of time. I can also now track how many steps I take each day and how well I sleep at night.

I’ve recently discovered an app where I can click a few buttons and respond to my wife with a few pre-programmed messages.

In the summer while riding my lawn mower or while driving in my vehicle I can control what I’m listening to whether it’s music or a podcast. I can pause, skip tracks and adjust the volume.

Sure, I could do many of these things I have described with my phone but I don’t need to justify why I love my watch. I’m simply explaining why someone else might like one as well.

I don’t think that “smart watches” are a fashion fad, and I think that the “wearables” market will continue to develop. I’m sure in the not so distant future we will also be talking about implants. That’s something I’m not so keen on but who knows, I thought I’d never wear a watch again either.


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