Why banning bottled water is stupid

San Francisco is becoming the first city to ban “single use” bottled water.


This is stupid.


Let me explain why.

They will still be selling all sorts of other beverages that are way worse to consume, as far as health goes, and those containers are just as harmful to the environment as the ones that contain water.

Watch this video about how much sugar is in a can of Coke.

Yes, you can argue about all the waste from the plastic that is used in bottled water containers, but what about all of the other beverages? You can’t tell me that they are going to ban all of them.

What needs to be done, if plastic bottles are such a huge problem is to actually get people to recycle their containers after they’re done. That is a huge challenge and the solution to that is also not punishing those who don’t do it, but rewarding those who do.

I’m sure there are tons of tree hugging hippies out there who yell at me and explain why I’m wrong. To them, I say, go ahead, I’ll be enjoying my ice-cold water from a plastic water bottle, while I ignore them.


I’m not the only person who thinks a bottled water ban is stupid.



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