Ok, I’ll sort of admit it, I wear suspenders.

However, if you saw me, you wouldn’t know. I wear them under my shirt on top of a t-shirt. If they do their job, which is to hold up my pants, you won’t see my butt. On most days they do their job.

I was tired of hiking up my pants so I didn’t have “plumbers crack,” which could get me in all sorts of trouble at my job, where I’m constantly bending down and sometimes crawling under desks to fix/work on computers. I used to wear them over my shirt but I was teased about them and didn’t want that kind of attention. If I did wear them over my shirt, I’d look like Larry King or probably Red Green, both great guys who rock the suspenders.







I need to thank my father-in-law for my recent return to suspenders, he gave me a pair of blaze orange ones. If I wore them over my shirt, I’d look like a redneck who didn’t know when deer hunting season was, if I wore them all of the time.

I’m not a person who really cares about fashion. I’m more into the utility of clothing, as long it’s clean and covers me where it needs to, plus has adequate pockets, I’m good. As a kid, I cared more about fashion but as an almost 40 something guy and a dad, I think you just stop caring at a given point. My wife and daughter try to buy me nice clothes to wear but I end up wearing the same old “fat guy costume.”

What is the “fat guy costume?” you ask.

It consists of khaki pants, which are usually cargo pants (a must for nerds with lots of devices) and a plaid shirt. Sometimes, when I’m not at work this costume, or attire includes a t-shirt instead of a plaid shirt.




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