Why I don’t give a crap about Office for the iPad

Today, Office for the iPad was revealed and people will soon be able to pay for it and use it.

However, I won’t be one of those people, unless it becomes a free app. Why? You may ask, because there are already a million alternatives and this just way too late. Thanks a lot, Microsoft. This may have been a big deal within the first year of the iPad being released, however now there are so many other ways you can edit files that are used with the Microsoft Office suite of applications without using Office applications, including the Apple versions. Sure, they are not exactly the same but who cares, it works. Also google docs/drive is also another great alternative.

I personally use Evernote and all sorts of things. I actually don’t edit Office type files on an iPad. I do view them on an iPad and my iPhone but find it easier to edit on a computer.

I know this sounds like I’m just complaining but I am, my twitter stream today was filled with crap about Office for the iPad and it annoyed me enough to actually write a blog post about it, instead of just a snarky twitter post.

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