I think Halloween is my second favorite holiday next to Christmas.

Yes, I love it for all of the wrong reasons. Why? Why not?

Does it matter? No, I’m a big boy and I can do what I want.

Ok, what are those reasons?

I love the candy!
I love the costumes.
I love the all the spooky stuff.
For the past about 10 years since I’ve had kids, this holiday has become even more fun. We live out in the “boonies” as I like to call it so we do not get any “trick or treaters” coming to our house. This allows my family to escape this duty and focus more and having fun. This year, we will have two “trick or treaters” and it will be even more exciting to go out and get candy from complete strangers. (Yes, this seems like such an insane idea, but I guess it’s just a myth that people put razor blades in candy). Of course, parents need to inspect candy they get and make sure everything looks safe for your kids to eat.

Actually, being serious, I have noticed a lot more attention paid to Halloween this year than in the past. I asked my wife and she explained it well and her reason makes a lot of sense.

She said since our economy is in such a shitty state, we all love being able to dress up as someone else and escape reality for a bit, plus eat all the great tasting treats. When else is it okay to eat so much sugar-filled treats that you almost put yourself into a diabetic coma?

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