Bring it on Gandolf!

The Weather Channel started doing something silly, I’m actually happy they’re doing it, so I can make fun of it. What am I referring to exactly, you might ask? Naming winter storms, just like they name tropical storms.

I’m not going to get into all of the reasons why this is stupid, where it came from, cough, cough, Grand Forks Herlado (well, they did it too), or anything like that. I’m just going to say that a storm named “Gandolf” not Gandalf like the the bearded guy from Lord of the Rings movies, is coming to wreak havoc on the northern plains this weekend.

Am I prepared for it? Perhaps. My vehicles are filled with gas, mine and my wife’s and we have gas for our snow blower. We have plenty of food at home and the most important thing, kidding of course, as far as I know, the Internet and┬áSatellite┬áTV are working at home, so we can watch hours of Netflix and Storage Wars or Oddities when trapped inside due to Gandolf blowing snow at high speeds outside.

So bring it on Gandolf!

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