Year: 2013


I think Halloween is my second favorite holiday next to Christmas. Yes, I love it for all of the wrong reasons. Why? Why not? Does it matter? No, I’m a big boy and I can do what I want. Ok, what are those reasons? I love the candy! I love the costumes. I love the […]

iOS 7 is almost here!

Tomorrow will be an interesting day for me and many other “Apple fans” and people who own a more recent iPhone. Apple will be pushing out the latest update to the mobile operating system for the iPhone. I’ve actually seen the first version of iOS 7 and how it operates on my phone. It was […]

Back to school

Today was the first day “back to school” for many students including my daughter. For myself this was always an exciting time of the year. Now, it’s just another day to me. Today, it’s turned into a social media event, I saw lots of people posting photos of their kids all dressed up in their […]

Still blogging

I started blogging a long time ago, in the 1990s actually before it was actually called blogging. Yes, call me a hipster, although, I don’t wear dorky glasses ironically, and I don’t drink shitty beer to be ironic either. I don’t even remember what I used to “blog” about, mostly random stuff. I’m not even […]

40 by 40 update

—–Update—– *Updates in italic Inspired by a former classmate’s blog, I’m writing a similar set of goals. I had to give @nodakemic – her Twitter handle credit for this: So here is my 40 by 40 list. I’m sure I’ll be able to accomplish a few of these things, at least I hope so. […]

What to do, when it’s so cold

Recently, it’s been so cold it’s almostĀ unbearableĀ to go outside. Where I work, I’m lucky, I can pretty much park in a parking ramp and then walk indoors, underground to my office, minimizing the exposure to the frigid outdoor temperatures. I admit, when it comes to anything below “the donut” (below 0 degrees fahrenheit) as some […]

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