I love my Android phone but…

I hate when I want to do something important with my Android powered phone but can’t because I’m waiting for it to finish doing whatever it thinks is more important at the moment than me making a phone call or sending a text. I’m glad I don’t rely on it for anything important like making phone calls…wait, I do. Damnit!

Ok, I understand that I have an HTC Droid Eris which is “rooted” meaning it is running an operating system modified other than the manufacturer intended. However, the phone actually works much better than when I had it running the “factory” version of Android.

I would prefer to have an iPhone however for the last four years, ever since the iPhone was released, there were several barriers for me owning one. 1. I live in North Dakota the land of no iPhones, until recently when Verizon released their version of the iPhone. 2. My wife wouldn’t let me get one even if I was able to get one. She finally let me get an Android phone. She didn’t want us paying $30 a month for a data plan. Makes sense, so I didn’t luckily I can get the data plan at a reduced rate thanks to being a state employee and getting a discount.

I do like my Android phone but I hate when it decides not to function as a phone. That’s just really not acceptable.

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