Tech geeks and their personality flaws

Nerds! Love them or hate them, they’ve got quirks.

I’m a nerd and I have quirks too (we’ll discuss them at a later date). Although, I must point out a few major short comings of a few of tech elite.

First, I’ll pick on my first hero. Steve Jobs. Okay, Steve why on earth do you wear the same fricking clothes from day-to-day? We get it, you “Think Different” but really the last guy I knew that wore the same clothes was my high school friend and he did it based on a bet. He wore the same Freddy Kruger t-shirt to school for a month or so for a $5 bet. Mostly just to get attention. That’s the least odd thing about Mr. Job’s, his short but to the point e-mail responses are even weirder. “Yep,” “Nope,” etc. What the hell? You’re a CEO of a major corporation and you send out replies that my first grade daughter gives me when I ask her a question sometimes.

Steve Wozniak is another guy who’s an odd duck but more normal when compared to his buddy Steve. Actually, when you look at Woz, he’s actually really cool. He wears a really neat watch. He’s a prankster and he’s been on Dancing with the Stars. Plus, whenever a new Apple product is launched he stands in line with the rest of us waiting to buy one.

Now, another hero of mine, Leo Laporte. I used to think Leo was the greatest guy ever. Until recently, he’s been annoying me. I’m sure he’s a great guy personally, he seems to be. But, Leo started to annoy me when he was complaining about facebook’s privacy issues. Fine, he had legitimate points. But then, he rejoined it. Ha, ha. Okay, we all make mistakes. The facebook waffling wasn’t the only thing that annoyed me, he’s starting to sound like his former co-host John C. Dvorak, (who he still has on his Twit network as a guest occasionally). Leo complains about twitter, and how it’s not good for conversations, fine maybe not for you Leo. Leo complains about Apple, and he complains about tons of other companies. Okay, we get it Leo, you’re a cranky old geek. Now stop being so annoying, it’s getting harder for me to listen to you.

Another tech nerd, who I’m a fan of is Kevin Rose, he’s about my age only difference is he’s younger, richer and better looking than me. But besides that, he’s a cool guy. What annoys me about Kevin is that he’s sort of emo. If you don’t know what emo is, it’s kind of like goth but even more wuss like.

Kevin likes to drinks tea, fine I drink tea too, but he’s really into his tea, almost past the point of being obsessed about it, or at least that’s what I understand from reading his blog and watching his show diggnation. What really annoys me about Kevin is that he acts like he’s not rich. In some ways this is a good trait, not flaunting his wealth, but he also seems to pretend like he can’t afford things. When in reality we all know he’s richer than shit. Unless he’s really in debt, which is highly doubtful.

I could react to his company’s latest debacle with Digg version 4.0 and the mass exodus to but I won’t. I think enough has been said about that.

I could go on and on about other geeks/nerds or tech rock stars but I won’t. These were the top three (yes I talk about four but Woz is perfect) on my lists with personality flaws. I’m sure as soon as I post this I’ll get people telling how mean I am or trying to explain why these guys are the way they are, or most likely I’ll get trolled or just ignored. I just had to express my opinion on this. It made me feel better.

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