A change in computer usage for me

As soon as I bought my iPod Touch, I started using that in place of my laptop in the evening for casual web surfing. At first, it was difficult to view most of the websites that I wanted to connect to for information. Soon, apps were developed, such as the IMDB app or the Wikipedia app that made getting to the important information that I was looking for as fast as possible. For example, I would be watching a tv show and hear someone say something, then suddenly I felt like I needed to learn more about what they said.

More of this has to do with instant access to the internet for information. I can’t imagine myself running to look up information in an encylopedia when I was younger if I wanted to learn something, I would just shrug it off and say to myself, “Hmm, wonder what they hell they’re talking about,” but thanks to the Interents, now I must google or use wikipedia or IMDB for anything I don’t know, or at least most things. Sometimes I still find myself thinking, “Really, what the hell are they talking about?”

Anyway, this is supposed to be about my computer usage habits, but it’s all related so stick with me. I spend my entire work day at a computer, be it my computer or helping a co-worker with a problem. So, after a long day of doing that, one would think I wouldn’t want to spend anymore time on the computer, sadly that’s not the case. I would spend 24 hours a day on a computer if I could. Why? I have no idea, but it’s true.

That’s why it brings me to this conclusion, I need an iPad, because the iPod Touch screen is too tiny sometimes and to actually whip out a full blown laptop is just overkill sometimes. That’s why a light weight 10″ device such as the iPad is a necessity for me. However, fortunately at this time, it’s one of those discretionary spending items. I really don’t need it, but I think I do.

It’s actually a perfect device for anyone I think, well almost anyone. I was thinking of getting one with 3G access for my parents, because the real computer we bought them about five years ago became more of a device for the grand kids, or myself to use when visiting, since it was too complicated for my parents to use. I think an iPad would be easy for my parents to use and send e-mail, view photos from their grandkids, read books, etc. I don’t forsee them ever using something like facebook, but who knows.

One activity that I can see a need for having a “real” computer for is writing a blog entry, even with a full keyboard on the iPad I suspect that it would be difficult to make a blog entry and do all the editing, etc. Or maybe I’m wrong, but I won’t know until I get myself an iPad.

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