Month: March 2010

Glenn Beck is “Anti-American”

Ok, this struck a nerve with me. I saw this link on – Glenn Beck is a moron! He called Bruce Springsteen “Anti-American.” As a big fan of the Boss, this just, well frankly pissed me off! Who the f**k is Glenn Beck to think he can call “Born in the USA” Anti-American? […]

Regional Colloquialism’s – pop or soda?

When you want a carbonated sweetened beverage, do you say “soda” or “soda-pop” or “pop”? Or do you call it something else. When I order, it depends on where I’m eating, if it’s a restaurant, I’ll order a Diet Coke or Mountain Dew, sometimes I get asked “What do you want to drink?” other times […]

Review of Why You Say It

This is a book review of Why You Say It: The Fascinating Stories Behind Over 600 Everyday Words and Phrases by Webb Garrison Did you ever wonder where the phrase “Kick the Bucket” came from? This book explains the phrase. It’s actually pretty gross explanation about how animals are slaughtered, but this book attempts to […]

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