Star Trek vs. Star Wars and why Star Wars is better

Ok, this is a real nerd debate. I must issue this disclaimer up front, I have no monetary connection to either Star Trek or Star Wars. This is strictly just my opinion based on facts about how awesome Star Wars is compared to Star Trek. Ok, the Star Trek nerds have already stopped reading by now so I can stop writing this post right? I’ll continue anyway.

I will list the top 10 reasons why Star Trek is inferior to Star Wars. I’m just going to compare Star Wars IV to VI to Star Trek the original series. I don’t care for Star Wars I to III nor do I care about any other Star Trek series, although, I am comparing the movies about Star Trek as well.

10. Music about Star Trek – there are probably many bands devoted to making music about Star Trek, one of them includes Warp 11 with the very hot Kiki Stockhammer, but does that compare to the Cantina Band in Star Wars? Of course, I’d much rather listen to and watch Warp 11 than the Cantina band any day. Yes, there are Star Wars bands but none come to mind. So, maybe Warp 11 does win this round.

9. The creators of each seriesGene Roddenberry vs. George Lucas. Really, do I even have to tell you which one is better? Lucas is far superior, I’ve never heard of anyone going to the Roddenberry ranch or Roddenberry films.

8. The home planet and town of each – one of the main characters from Star Trek, the infamous Captain James T. Kirk is Riverside, Iowa. Ok, that is very cool. The city even went along with this madness and they erected a monument for this. Wonder what happens in 2,228 when someone names their kid James T. Kirk. I bet there are Trekkie fans changing their names now so their great grandkids will someday be the real Star Trek characters. (Dorks! – Please don’t do this! – Star Trek is not real!) For Star Wars, Luke Skywalker was born on Tatooine, a planet that’s mostly desert, how wonderful. (Wikipedia entry) Although, it was the home planet of Darth Vader, wonder if they had a monument that says “Future Birthplace of Lord Vader” on Tatooine, oh wait, that would be stupid!

7. Movies about the series – The best movie in my opinion is of course Clerks, where a couple slacker convenience store workers talk about how the Death Star may have had contract workers, made by Kevin Smith, a huge Star Wars fan. (Watch the movie, if you’ve never seen it) Also, Fan Boys, (wikipedia entry) a great movie about a bunch of high school buddies who take their dying friend to the Skywalker Ranch to steal a copy of a Star Wars film. So in this case Star Wars wins, I haven’t heard about any movies about Star Trek. However, on one of my favorite tv shows, Big Bang Theory references to both Star Trek and Star Wars are made.

6. Character names – hello Darth Vader vs. Klingons. Really, awesomeness vs. something that sounds like static cling? What about Chewbacca? or Yoda?

5. Fans – I’m not sure which has more fans, but I think Star Wars might win this one. Plus, there are generations of Star Wars fans, yes this may be true for Star Trek too but Lucas himself admitted that there are now three generations of Star Wars fans and, they all like different things about Star Wars, there are even some kids who’ve never seen the original movies. Same can be said for Star Trek, so this one is a tie. I’m not sure who has more fans or better yet, more devoted fans.

4. Television vs. Movies – Star Trek was a television series, which was made into movies Star Wars skipped the tv phase and started off as a movie series plus books etc. Yes, now there are tv shows about Star Wars (see number 5.) I think Star Wars wins this round, tv always makes less money than big hollywood movies and attracts more fans, etc.

3. Tribbles vs. Ewoks – Ok, Tribbles are just furballs, they don’t have any eyes or mouth that you can see. Ewoks are teddy bears, with weapons, of course Ewoks are cooler.

2. Princess Leia vs. Leitenant Uhara – (For information about Uhara view her Wikipedia entry) No contest, Princess Leia is a major babe. Ohara looks like Wanda Syke’s mother. Yes, sure there are a few hotties that appeared on Star Trek but none of them were major characters. For more information about Princess Leia Organa, view the wikipedia entry.

1. Lightsabers vs. Phasers – What more can I say, a lightsaber is a fricking laser beam light sword vs. Star Trek Phaser, or as I call it a squaking lame ass cell phone (at least that’s what it looks like to me).

So, if you were keeping score that’s 8:2 (technically a few of those items I listed may be toss ups and it’s hard to determine which is better, but this is my blog, so it’s 8:2 damn it! What I say goes!)

Say what you want, but this is just my opinion and of course I’m just trying to have fun with this so don’t take it too seriously.

1 thought on “Star Trek vs. Star Wars and why Star Wars is better

  1. Heidi says:

    There is no one as sexy as Jean-Luc Picard. So there. That counts for like 10 points!!!

    Star Trek the Next Generation was a wonderful part of my childhood and that series ruled.

    Now how about Star Trek the NG v. Battlestar Galactica? I think BSG wins that battle because cylons are just so damn cool.

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