My response to the iPad announcement unlike Hitler’s

I just posted a link to a hilarious video, looks like it was from Inglorious Basterds with subtitles (correction, I was informed that this from the movie Downfall). The person who created this did a great job but I’m sure if you’re German and watch it, the audio is probably the same as in the original movie, I don’t know I haven’t seen the movie yet, nor do I speak German or Deutsch well enough to know.

My response to the iPad is a little different than the Hitler in the movie clip. I think the iPad looks awesome, I would even love to get one for my parents, but I probably won’t. Considering that I converted my wife to liking the iPod Touch after a year or so, I think the iPad will do the same for the haters out there. My mouth was drooling yesterday during the announcement. I watched/listened to the Apple event via watching it streamed online from a variety of websites, including,, engadget, and gizmodo, I even checked out

After about two hours of the event I had to leave to get something to eat, I had also seen enough to know that I wanted one and I’m sure I could catch up on the details later. I was waiting and waiting for a price to be said, and when it was announced that it would be starting at $499 I was happy.

I could go on and on about what’s wrong and right about the device, which has yet to be released, and I’m sure I will at some point. My main criticism of the device so far is that it does not have a camera. I think that’s a big problem, it should have a video camera. Other than that I’m sure it will be a great device. I think you should also be able to connect a mouse to it via Bluetooth, yes it’s touch but you are able to connect a keyboard to it, so why not a mouse.

I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on one of these things. I’m sure it will be awhile, especially since my household will have spent the equivalent of two of these things on iPod touch devices prior to getting the iPad.

One last criticism I have about the the device which is not totally Apple’s fault, ok maybe partially, that it uses AT&T. In North Dakota and many other areas in the United States AT&T does not even exist as a cell carrier for the most part. That’s a bummer but I’m sure it will happen someday, just like this magical product that was announced yesterday.

4 thoughts on “My response to the iPad announcement unlike Hitler’s

  1. admin says:

    I just found one more problem with the iPad – no Netflix!

  2. atomicpoet says:

    During the last ten years, my mom owned an iMac, a Win XP box, and a netbook. Each time, I hoped she’d become less scared of computers and start doing what she’s always wanted to do — go on Craigslist and send a few emails. But as always, the intimidation of learning how to use a mouse, and understanding file systems has scared the crap out of her. The fact she occasionally calls me up for tech support doesn’t help at all.

    Finally, there’s a device for her. Not only is it more intuitive than a traditional computer, I doubt she’ll be able to break it. I’ll buy one for her just so she won’t call me for tech support anymore.

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