What I want/expect the iPad to be vs. what it probably will be – iPen15

In a few days, actually less than 48 hours perhaps, Apple will be making fanboys like myself wet their pants in excitement. They are supposed to be releasing or at least talking about a new product and other big announcements.

Here’s what I wish would happen and I will also predict what might happen, of course I will probably wrong in both cases.

The first thing to figure out is if Apple will be releasing some type of tablet, I hope so or they’re really going to piss off a lot of people, including myself. The name of this alleged and infamous product has been speculated for months, heck years actually. I think they should call it the iPen15 ok, being serious, they should quit with the damn cute names that start with “i” and call it something better than an “iPad” or “iTablet” or worse yet, “iSlate”. What that would be, I have no idea, I’m not getting paid millions of dollars for marketing ideas from Apple am I?

What this new miracle product actually do? For all the hype this thing should be able to act as a hover-board and fly you away. What it will be most likely is a big iPhone/iPod touch or maybe just an actual tablet Mac laptop. I would prefer the later, especially since they are going to charge as much as one for it.

I’m sure Apple won’t allow external keyboards, because they are jerks and don’t want a totally useful product. Ignoring the fact that not everyone likes touch products. Uh, like in the middle of winter it’s a pain in the ass to take off your gloves to fiddle with your iPod. So I’m sure the same can be said about this new product.

Another announcement that I do care about, but not really is Apple finally getting rid of the iPhone exclusivity with AT&T, and perhaps having an iPhone that works with Verizon. It’s a little too late for me. I will eventually get a new phone but I”m not sure I will get an iPhone, even if it were available to me. This is for several reasons, I’m sure it would cost more than a Driod with a data plan, and I already have an iPod touch, so I’m not going to plunk down several hundred dollars for the same damn device now with phone capability.

Ok, I may sound like a cranky old geek but you’ve got to admit it’s getting a little ridiculous and I can’t wait until the speculation is over and the nerds to begin talking about the next big thing. Some nerds may even say who cares about, Apple, well I’m not talking to you dipshit, I’m talking about the righteous Apple loving nerds.

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