Year: 2010

40 by 40

Inspired by a former classmate’s blog, I’m writing a similar set of goals. I had to give @nodakemic – her Twitter handle credit for this: So here is my 40 by 40 list. I’m sure I’ll be able to accomplish a few of these things, at least I hope so. Some of them may […]

Minnesotan’s should disown Prince

Prince or Prince Rogers Raymond Nelson, a famous Minnesotan should be disowned by his birth state. I’m a former Minnesotan, and I will always be one, I guess. Despite the fact that I’ve lived in another state for about 12 years. That other state is North Dakota home of flat land, more Norwegians than you […]

Google Voice fail

I thought I would do my wife a favor and set her up with Google voice for her voicemail on her phone. That was a mistake. It only lasted about one day. She did not like the quality of the transcriptions and refused to call the programmed number and enter her pin to listen to […]

Glenn Beck is “Anti-American”

Ok, this struck a nerve with me. I saw this link on – Glenn Beck is a moron! He called Bruce Springsteen “Anti-American.” As a big fan of the Boss, this just, well frankly pissed me off! Who the f**k is Glenn Beck to think he can call “Born in the USA” Anti-American? […]

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